42Below Cocktail World Cup UK Teams Announced

The UK leg of the 42Below 2011 Cocktail World Cup is over… Now the hard work really begins for Team West London and Team Scotland

The Ringmaster

If you asked a 100 bartenders the question “if you could be in one competition final next year, which would you choose?”, it’s probably safe to say the majority would pick the 42Below Cocktail World Cup (CWC) in New Zealand.

There are a number of reasons for this, not least that it involves what has many times been described as the ‘trip of a lifetime’, but also because so many great great bartenders have been involved in years past. Just getting to the final is a big bullet point on a bartender’s CV, let alone winning the cup.

As such, after individual qualifying heats that picked the UK teams, then the UK final held during London Cocktail Week, BarLifeUK would like to give a big whoop-whoop to the two teams representing our fair Isles in Aotearoa.

The UK Final

Team West London

The UK Final kicked off with the Signature Cocktail Round at London’s Circus Bar before relocating to The Hospital Club for the People’s Choice Punch Round and Carnival Party.

The teams presented their signature drinks to a judging panel chaired by acclaimed New Zealand bred Chef Anna Hansen, of London’s Modern Pantry.  As ever in the 42Below CWC, creativity is at a premium, as is the ability to put on something of a show. The use of fire, Voodoo and fire extinguishers by certain teams a point in case.

The Signature Cocktail round was won by Team West London with their drink: Country Bumpkin.

Wildcard Winner

Team Scotland

For the first time, a second place at the New Zealand final was given to the most popular team. The Wildcard is chosen by various measures, one of which is a public vote during the People’s Choice Punch Round at The Hospital Club.

Each team created a punch and invited guests were given a 42Below candy… having tasted each punch they were instructed to drop it in the bucket owned by their favourite team. It was a nice touch and encouraged some ‘animated’ interaction between competitors and guests.

In the the end, Team Scotland took the wildcard spot and three plane tickets to boot.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Both teams will now start their preparations to go on tour in New Zealand where they will battle it out in the week long 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup which culminates in the grand final on Saturday 19 March 2011. Each team will compete, country vs. country, in grueling cocktail challenges to take home the international title, which puts bartenders on the world stage in 13 nations.

Once again, congratulations from BarLifeUK to team West London and Team Scotland… do us proud lads!

The Winning Drinks

Team West London – Zdanek Kastanek, Quo Vadis; Andy Mill, London Cocktail Club; Glenn Morgan,  LAB

Country Bumpkin’

  • 30 mls 42BELOW Kiwi
  • 30 mls homemade butternut squash
  • 15 mls Yellow Chartreuse
  • 7.5 mls Del Maguey mescal
  • 25 mls fresh white grapefruit juice
  • 20 mls free range egg white

‘Planter’s Punch’

  • 30 mls 42BELOW vodka
  • 20 mls 42BELOW Honey
  • 4 dashes Yellow Chartreuse
  • 100 mls homemade lemonade

Team Scotland –  Aaron Jones, Rick’s Bar; Ben MacFarlane, Tiger Lily; Nick Reed, The Raconteur

‘42 Shakes of a Lamb’s Tail’

  • 45 mls 42BELOW Passionfruit
  • 10 mls Licor 43
  • 10 mls Irn Bru reduction
  • 15 mls fresh lemon juice
  • 15 mls lime juice
  • 15 mls milk
  • 15 mls cream
  • 20 mls raspberry syrup
  • Dash of free range egg white
  • Garnish – 42 below Kiwi mist
  • Side Serve: Home made lamb and mint Hot Dogs (sausages in bread)

‘Fish House Punch’

  • 810 mls 42BELOW Honey
  • 790 mls Appleton’s 8 Year Old Rum
  • 1600 mls Earl Grey tea
  • 1000 mls freshly pressed apple juice
  • 1000 mls sugar syrup
  • 800 ml fresh lemon juice