42Below Cocktail World Cup Regional Finalists Announced

The 42Below Cocktail World Cup (CWC) is the Big One. Everyone wants to win it, for props and kudos, and not least for the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand.

Tom Noviss as Jamie 'Fat Tongue' Oliver

That long haul flight is a step closer for 24 UK bartenders, having made the cut at regional heats and earning a place behind the stick at the UK final in London on October 13th.

The 42Below CWC is as much about performance, ingenuity and teamwork as it is about straight forward drinksmanship, and the need to impress a baying crowd as well as some scarily well qualified judges is reflected in the heat-winning specs.

BarLifeUK congratulates everyone who made it this far. May the best Team UK win…

Regional Winners:

Team North UK (Leeds)

  • Rob Worsley, Boutique
  • James Coston, Jake’s Bar
  • Scott Tyler, Bibsi
Team Scotland (Edinburgh)

  • Nick Reed, Raconteur
  • Aaron Jones, Rick’s
  • Ben McFarlane, Tigerlily
Team West London

  • Zdenek Kastanek, Quo Vadis
  • Glenn Morgan, Academy
  • Andy Mill, The London Cocktail Club
Team East London

  • Julian de Feral, Lutyens
  • Victor Nordelof, Callooh Callay
  • Dan Hutchins-Read, Saf
Team Northern Ireland (Belfast)

  • Nathan O’Neill, Horatio Todds
  • Dusan Garaj, Merchant
  • Olga Nagy, Merchant
Team North West UK (Liverpool)

  • Chris Edwardes, Aloha
  • James Hill, Lounge Bar
  • Conor Foley, Alma de Cuba
Team West UK (Bristol)

  • Annie Mason, Harvey Nichols
  • Justyn Bell, Hausbar
  • Matt Green, Treasury
Team South UK (Brighton)

  • Tom Noviss, Orange Rooms
  • Petr Mierzwa, Seattle Hotel
  • Sam Sidgwick, Sugaqube

The Winning Drinks


Olga Nagy The Merchant

The Frog King

60mls 42BELOW Pure

4 Rosemary leaves

20mls Chartreuse

10mls Mango juice

10mls Lime juice

Method: Shake and strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with a mango slice.

Dusan Garaj The Merchant

54 Above

50mls Green-cardamom infused 42BELOW

10mls Lillet

20mls Fresh Lime juice

50mls Fresh Apple juice

Method: Shake and strain, garnish with a mint sprig and apple slices.

Nathan O’Neill

Lord of The Rings

33mls 42BELOW Manuka Honey

15mls Cola

5mls Talisker

10mls Gomme syrup

Half an egg

Orange zest

Scorched Jagermeister

Method: Stir and strain, garnish with orange zest.


Nick Reed Raconteur

Weapon of Mass Consumption

30ml 42BELOW Passion

15ml Chartreuse

15ml Wray and Nephew

15ml Falernum

30ml Lime

15ml Gomme

10ml Spring water

Dash of Egg white

Method: Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Andy Jones Rick’s

The Frederick St Festival of 42

40ml 42BELOW Manuka Honey 10ml Feijoa

10ml Falernum

10ml Cider and Manuka honey reduction

Lemon twist

Dash of orange bitters

Method: Shake and strain into a chilled wine glass.

Ben McFarlane Tigerlily

Bucky Brew

40ml 42BELOW Pure

20ml 42BELOW Feijoa

20ml Bucky Brew

20ml Ginger syrup

10ml Lemon

Dash of Angostura

Dash of Egg white

Method: Shake and strain, serve with cotton candy and flamed 42Below Passion


James Hill Loungebar

42nd Parallel

40mls 42BELOW Passion

20mls Aperol

10mls Fresh Lemon juice

10mls Earl Grey tea syrup

20mls Pink Grapefruit juice

2 Dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

Dash of Egg white

Method: Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with an orange zest.

Chris Edwardes Aloha

Burning Love

30mls 42BELOW Feijoa

20mls Galliano Authentico

10mls Chartreuse

30mls Don’s Mix of grapefruit and cinnamon

2 Dashes Absinthe

20mls Lemon juice

40mls Apple juice

Method: Shake and strain into a Tiki mug, garnish with allspice, cinnamon and caraway seeds, flame with Chartreuse.

Conor Foley Alma de Cuba

Bearded Lady

50mls 42BELOW Passion

25mls Fresh Passionfruit juice 25mls Ginger syrup

250mls Red Grape juice

2mls Echinacea

Method: Blend and strain over ice in a large beer mug.


Rob Worsley             Boutique


30ml Gran Marnier

1 Apple diced

3 Blackberries

Cinnamon dust

50ml 42BELOW Feijoa

10ml Manzana

15ml Lime

30ml Lychee

2 Dashes Angostura Orange

Method: Flambé apples, blackberries and cinnamon with Gran Marnier. Muddle apple mixture with remaining ingredients, strain and serve in a coupette.

James Coston Jake’s Bar

I Finish At 4pm

60ml 42BELOW Passion

50ml Pineapple juice

1 Dash Grenadine

20ml Lemon juice

1 Barspoon Koko Lopez

Method: Shake with ice, strain into a 42BELOW bottle, pour into a hurricane, garnish with a mint sprig, summer fruits and a lay-back.

Scott Tyrer Bibsi


60ml 42BELOW Pure

15ml Gifford’s Vanilla

15ml Gomme (1:2)

4 Drops Chocolate bitters

2 Drops Chartreuse bitters

1 Cardamom pod

Method: Crush cardamom pod, stir in other ingredients, strain and serve in a coupette, garnish with white chocolate foam.


Zdenek Kstanek Quo Vadis

Cloud no. 42

50ml 42BELOW Manuka Honey

15ml Cheeky Heering

20ml Lemon juice

50-70ml Pelorus Cloudy Bay sparkling wine

1tbs Homemade Ginger sorbet

Method: Shake and strain into a champagne flute over sparkling wine, top with lemon zest.

Andy Mill London Cocktail Club

Cask Away

22.5ml 42BELOW Kiwi

45ml 42BELOW Pure

Homemade Pistachio 42BELOW, Papaya 42BELOW, Banana, Mapai Smoke, Curry, Maiasses and Vanilla cordial

Method: Mix together and serve with a smoking teepee, pour homemade cordial over teepee to extinguish and release fragrant smoke.

Glenn Morgan Academy

42 Holes In Your Messeuschmitt

42ml 42BELOW Feijoa

20ml Rhubarb Liqueur

20ml Homemade Spitfire Ale Rhubarb Custard

15ml Jagermeister

1 1/2 spoons Bramley Apple Sauce 1 Whole Egg white

Absinthe Mist

Method:  Shake and serve in black bomb wine glass.


Julian de Feral Lutyens

Bearded Lady

40ml 42BELOW Kiwi

15ml Mandarin Napoleon

25ml Light Rhubarb syrup

2 Dashes Simple syrup

20ml Lime juice

25ml Cream

1 Egg white

25ml Fevertree Ginger Ale

Method: Shake hard, strain into a small fizz glass, top with Ginger Ale, garnish with 2 Kiwi fruit slices.

Victor Nordelof Callooh Callay 42 BULLOW Martini

42ml 42BELOW Pure

30ml Red Bull

15ml Lillet Blanc

5ml Elderflower cordial

2 Dashes Angostura

Small Dash Simple syrup

Method: Shake and strain into a coupette, garnish with an orange slice.

Dan Hutchins-Read Saf

The Gardener Nextdoor

50ml 42BELOW Passion

30ml Apple water

30ml Cardamom, Lavender and Passionfruit syrup

Method:  Shake and serve in a coupette, garnish with a passionfuit husk holding a crushed cardamom pod.


Annie Mason Harvey Nichols


45mls 42BELOW Feijoa

12.5mls Tokaji wine

12.5mls Thyme and pear infused Falernum

12.5 mls Fresh Lemon juice

Method: Build over crushed ice in a wine glass, garnish with thyme and pear.

Justyn Bell Hausbar

South Island Spritz

50mls 42BELOW Manuka Honey

10mls St Germain Elderflower Liqueur

30mls Homemade Elderflower Champagne

10mls Lavender honey

10mls Fresh Lemon juice

Method:  Shake and strain, garnish with lavender sprig.

Matt Green Treasury

Eastern Fever

50mls 42BELOW Manuka Honey

50mls Fever Tree Ginger Ale

4 Pieces Ginger

30mls Lime juice

2 Coriander leaves

2 Barspoon Caster sugar,

Method: Muddle, shake and strain over ice, top with ginger ale.


Tom Noviss Orange Rooms

Curried Carnival Coupe

25mls 42BELOW Passion

1 Scoop Curry, pineapple, mango, ginger and chilli Sorbet

5mls infused 42BELOW Manuka Honey infused with basil

25mls Ginger ale

5mls 42BELOW Feijoa

Method: Shake and strain, serve with dehydrated Campari and pop rocks.

Petr Mierzwa Seattle Hotel

Busy Dizzy Bee

50mls 42BELOW Manuka Honey

10mls Kummel

2 Pieces of Chilli

10mls Chocolate liqueur

Method: Stir and strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with half a chilli.

Sam Sidgwick Sugaqube

Facial Tattoo

25mls 42BELOW Kiwi

25mls 42BELOW Manuka Honey

5mls 42BELOW Feijoa

1 Sprig of Dill

1 Pinch of Saffron

1 Pinch of Cinnamon

Homemade Ginger beer

Half a Kiwifruit (seeded and peeled)

15mls Kombucha syrup

Method: Muddle, shake and strain over ice, top with homemade ginger beer, garnish with dill.