2020 Whisky Show Gets A Virtual Makeover

The Whisky Exchange have announced the sadly inevitable re-working of this year’s Whisky Show.

2020 is the 12th year of The Whisky Show and the team over at The Whisky Exchange have been doing all they can to bring you whisky loving folk together to taste, catch up and learn as you have done for the last 11 years. Unfortunately, hard work and dogged determination aren’t always enough, and they have today announced that The Whisky Show will not be going ahead in its normal guise this year.

Fear not you fermented grain loving folk, they are going virtual and going longer.

From October 2nd – 9th the Virtual Whisky Show will be online for your enjoyment. The advantage of course is that those who have been unable to make it to the show before due to work or financial commitments can now revel with the rest, that and you can enjoy it without having to put trousers on.

They have got a stellar line-up planned all led by their host the award-winning writer, bearded wonder (god knows what state it’s in following lockdown) and all-round entertainer Dave Broom. He will be joined by industry heavyweights such as Colin Dunn, Sukhinder Singh and Mark Gillespie as more than 70 talks are unleashed over the week.

The talks will range from the introductory to the geeky covering topics such as ‘Does Water Really Matter?’ and ‘For the Love of Islay’. It will feature the largest tasting line-up of any virtual show and the opportunity to meet ‘face to face’ with some of the world’s top distillers and industry legends.

There will also be, thanks to The Whisky Exchange, a selection of more than 30 Perfect Measure tasting packs which will be available to be ordered in advance so you can taste along with the experts from your home or bar.

An artists impression of Dave Broom’s current beard situation.

Sure, it isn’t the same as the lovely opportunity to get together that The Whisky Show has provided for over a decade, but it is a bloody good Plan B. More people will be able to enjoy what the show offers and let’s be honest Colin Dunn is entertaining in any medium, including mime, so all will be good.

For tickets and more details head to The Whisky Show website https://whiskyshow.com/london/ and for any of you who had already purchased tickets a full refund will be coming your way in the coming weeks and again more info can be found on the website.

The last word goes to The Whisky Exchange Co-founder, Sukhinder Singh “With the possibilities afforded by today’s technology, alongside the incredible success of our recent virtual tastings, we are delighted to have the resources to bring our biggest show online and to an even wider global audience. Our team has pulled together a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience sure to delight our customers throughout the world.”