2012 Monin Cocktail Cup UK Finalists Announced

On Wednesday 10th October the finalists will gather on Level 31 at the Paramount to battle it out.

In one of the biggest competition heat tours of the year, James Coston , the Monin UK Brand Ambassador, travelled to eleven of the UK’s top cocktail cities. Dubbed the ‘Monin Centenary Tour’, the heats attracted over 200 bartenders, each presenting their Monin cocktails with the winners awarded a place in the UK final.

Monin have always been keen to support the younger bartenders and as such divide the Monin Cocktail Cup into two categories, Under 27 and Over 27. The Under 27 finalists will compete on the 10th for the opportunity to represent the UK in the International Final in Paris in December. They will also win an all-expenses paid trip to Monin HQ in Bourges, France.

The Under 27 Finalists are:

  • Max Crispin Castara Whisker, Jake’s Bar & Still Room, Leeds
  • Daniel O’Reily, Havanas, Chester
  • William Humphery, Hausbar, Bristol
  • Laurie Eaton, Maya, Liverpool
  • Max Venning, Socio Rehab, Manchester
  • Leon Dalloway, Socio Rehab, Manchester
  • Mate Csatlos, The Dorchester, London
  • Andy Mil, London Cocktail Club, London
  • Christian Tirel, Hawaii Blues, Nottingham
  • Ed Shawcross, Island Bar, Birmingham
  • Tom Walker, The Savoy, London
  • Robin Honhold, The Last Word, Edinburgh
  • Ian Sanderson, The Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn, Glasgow
  • Sam Sidgwick, Above Audio, Brighton

The Over 27 Finalists (also competing on 10th October) are also competing for a trip to Bourges, France. The Over 27 Finalists are:

  • Nick Fox, Neon Cactus, Leeds
  • Paul Murphy, Artichoke Cafe, Bar & Bistro, Chester
  • Sam Kershaw, Babington House, Bristol
  • Nick Thomas, Salt Dog Slim, Liverpool
  • Susie Wong, Epernay, Manchester
  • Henry Yates, World Service, Nottingham
  • Robert Wood, The Kenilworth Hotel, Birmingham
  • Mike Mason, The Mixology Group, Brighton

During the same week as the final (8th – 14th October) Monin are teaming up with the Covent Garden Cocktail Club to host the Monin Mad Hatter Tea Club. This venue will act as the Monin hub for the week in which everyone is invited to choose a cocktail from any one of Monin 90+ syrup flavours for their Mad Hatter experience.

If you want to come and watch the Monin UK Final, support the competitors and enjoy a drink or two at Paramount on 10th October please rsvp to jcoston@b-opie.com. We look forward to seeing you there.