A New Campaign Bringing Cider To The Fore

Cider, proper cider, is an amazing UK product and the new campaign aims to increase the countries appreciation of, and drinking of, cider.

Before we go any further let us make clear that any reference to cider in this article doesn’t not include Bulmers, Magners, Kopparberg or the abomination that is Rekorderlig. We are talking about proper cider made by people with a passion, as opposed to people with passionfruit flavouring obsessions.

Cider making has been around a LONG time

The new campaign is called Discover Cider and whilst it may not be the most inspiring of campaign names, its core (you had to expect at least one pun, surely) is good. The campaign has a website which is full of information about cider and details on some of the smaller producers that are on board.

It is really about raising awareness of cider as a whole, and the great independent cider makers in the UK in particular. The cider market has been in growth recently due, largely, to the popularity of fruit flavoured cider (which as a Somerset boy makes me develop a nervous twitch but I’ll ignore it). Cider, flavoured or otherwise, should have a place in every bar and who better to help support local, interesting, non-commercial brands than the bar industry.

Still not convinced about cider? Try these nuggets of info for size:

  • With 15 different styles there is plenty out there to suit different pallets.
  • Cider making isn’t just carbon neutral it’s carbon fixing, basically every time you sell a cider you make Greta Thunberg happy and Donald Trump sad.
  • Cider is now made throughout the UK from Northern Scotland to Central London to Wales so finding a local producer shouldn’t be hard.
  • Cider is Gluten Free, unlike beer, which in this day and age is handy.
  • Most ciders are vegan friendly, as unlike most beer and wine cider doesn’t use gelatine or isinglass (always check the label).
  • Without cider we probably wouldn’t have The Wurzels, and a world without The Wurzels is not worth considering.

If you are interested in learning more head to the Discover Cider website and we encourage you to look at your cider offering, look for a local producer and speak to your booze supplier to see what interesting options they have.