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Bartenders’ Crossword – Zombie Edition

BarLifeUK Bartenders' Crossword All the clues relate to the Zombie, in both its Tiki cocktail and pop-culture celluloid forms Published on

Bartenders’ Crossword – Tiki Cocktails Edition

BarLifeUK Bartenders' Crossword All the clues relate to well-known Tiki and Tropical cocktails. Published on 05/03/2020 Solution

Spirit of Tiki Beach Pop-Up Comes To London

Once a year or so, some wag will post ‘Tiki is dead in Manchester / Leeds / insert city’,

It’s a London Rematch Beeyatch!

On Saturday 24th August the competition by bartenders for bartenders is back at its spiritual home, Trailer Happiness. One of

Rematch Beeyatch Goes Global

One day, seven cities, over 100 bartenders - winner takes all [caption id="attachment_5555" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Ali Dedianko at the Tales

London Cocktail Club Reloaded

The London Cocktail Club has added another notch to its belt, with the opening of a rocking naval-style sister

Aloha Bar Presents: Afternoon Tea-Ki

In what sounds like the best idea since sliced bread… …the boys and girls of Aloha Bar are bringing a

Jeff Beachbum Berry Talks London Fog Cutters

London bartender Rikki Brodrick spent the better part of last October’s Rumfest UK assembling a cement mixer. [caption id="attachment_2701" align="alignright"

It’s a Reetmatch, Beeyatch

How not to run a cocktail competition When

The BarLife Show Ignites The North (Literally)

We’re not normally ones for self-promotion here at BarLifeUK, but on this occasion we have to say, the BarLife

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