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Jubjub Does Cantina de Cuervo

The second instalment of the new look Jubjub bar kicks off this week, with Jose Cuervo Tequila taking charge. Last

Callooh Callay’s Jubjub bar becomes pop-up event space

No more member’s-only upstairs at Callooh Callay Pretty girls and a blurry Dan Priseman at Jubjub... Anyone

A Special Evening for the UK Tales of the Cocktail Winners (and a couple of hangers-on)

The UK’s clean sweep of the Spirited Awards International Categories celebrated at Jubjub Bar. Having

The UK baby – London Leg

After my visit to Scotland it was on to London. [caption id="attachment_2571" align="alignright" width="300" caption="We'll drink a drink a drink to

Kammerling’s Ginseng Spirit Running Late but Worth the Wait

Arrival of Alex Kammerling’s new lovely liquid delayed by over-zealous

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