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Survey of Bar Industry Employee and Employer Outlook During Covid-19

Help us create a picture of the UK bar industry's current situation, and its predictions for a post-Covid future,

Tory Government Shafts Hospitality Industry with Proposed Immigration Policy

Government: No post-Brexit visas for 'low skill' workers In today's episode of Tiny Xenophobic Island, we learn that the Government

The London Vortex

Big smoke, bright lights, a bartender’s paradise. There’s no denying London’s position at the forefront of cocktail culture on

The Scotland 100’s Second Meeting – What Are They Up To, and Why?

The 7th July saw the 2nd meeting of the 100 - a group of 100 (obviously) hospitality folks from around

Yael Weisberg: London Vs New York

Dynamic and exciting. Demanding and exhausting. [caption id="attachment_6396" align="alignright" width="319" caption="London Vs New York: Which taxi would you rather be

Joe Petch: The (Dis)Functional Industry Christmas Dinner

Without stating the obvious, this was never going to be an ordinary Christmas dinner. [caption id="attachment_4691" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Click the

Bar Vs Imbibe. Fight, Fight, Fight….

So where do you stand on the Bar Vs Imbibe debate? A month ago, the rumblings and grumblings about admission

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