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New Russia Law Decrees ‘Champagne Is Made In Russia’

Russian lawmakers: only Champagne made in Russia can be labelled as such, everything else is sparkling wine On Friday last

Cocktail Cherries – A History and A Recipe

It’s cherry season so we thought we’d have a look into the world of cocktail cherries. A couple of things

Cocuy – The Traditional Venezuelan Spirit Making a Comeback

In the bar industry Venezuela is best known for its superb rum, but there is a traditional spirit that

El Dorado Single Still Rums Giveaway

Your chance to get your hands on the three Single Still expressions El Dorado have released, in 50ml bottles. Monday’s

Christian Drouin Releases ‘Hine Angels’ Calvados Finished in Hine Cognac Barrels

Hine Angels is a 17YO Pays d'Auge Calvados which was finished for six months in three Hine Cognac Casks Calvados

Lockdown Launches – Crossip Drinks

Carl Brown is the next on our list of Lockdown Launches chat as we look at Crossip Drinks. Opening a

Walsh Whiskey Giveaway To Mark Berry Bros. & Rudd News

Leading Irish Whiskey producer Walsh Whiskey have announced Berry Bros. & Rudd Brands as its exclusive distributor in the

OOFT! Launches – The Go To Guide For Drinking In, Out & Up

OOFT! has been created as the one and only platform that embraces how to make the most of Drinking

‘Listening’ to Alcohol Through the Minibar Liquid Analyzer Guitar Effects Pedal

Four brands with excellent Rock & Roll credentials tested in the Rainger FX Liquid Analyser overdrive pedal As you can

Brown-Forman To Bring All UK Distribution In-House as of May 2021

Brown-Forman UK brings all distribution in-house, becoming a fully self-contained operation in 2021 Brown-Forman UK today announced that a decade-long

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