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Monkey Shoulder Launch The Konga Shaker

First there was the iSpoon, now comes a reimagining of the classic Konga Shaker. A couple of months ago we

Old Forester joins Bacardi Brown-Forman

Bacardi Brown-Forman have got another whiskey under their boozy belt as Old Forester Kentucky Bourbon becomes part of the

Hobo East Coast Cyder Launched

Hobo Beer has been a staple of many a bar fridge for a while and it’s now been joined

Chartreuse Joins CASK Liquid Marketing

Everyones favourite liqueur made by Carthusian Monks has a new home in the UK with CASK Liquid Marketing. There was

Demerara Distillers To Release Some Fancy Rums

Demerara Distillers, producers of El Dorado Rum, have announced the release of 3 single still bottlings at cask strength. If

Bloody Oath it’s West Winds Gin

Earlier this year a storm swept through the UK and Europe, it left destruction and sore heads wherever it

A Trip to Burleighs Gin Distillery

When an invite comes through to visit Jamie Baxter at his distillery you don’t turn it down, when you

Wild Elderflower Spritz Launches

Summer is coming which means the word Spritz will suddenly be uttered by customers in bars across the land. The

ZEO Soft Drinks Available in the UK This Summer

Turning the RTD standard of masking alcohol with sugary mixers on its head, a new UK company produces a

Red Stripe Stubby

Red Stripe Stubbies Now Available in the UK

Red Stripe Stubbies have arrived! Experience authentic Jamaica here in the UK, without all the hassle of Caribbean sunshine

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