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Book Review: An Anthology of 12 Classic Cocktails, by Jake F Burger

'An Anthology' is available now as a download and audiobook Perhaps the best compliment I can pay Jake Burger is

The Modern Cocktail: Innovation + Flavour Book Review

Matt Whiley, the man behind Talented Mr Fox, Peg & Patriot and Scout, has a book out and it’s

New Book: Spirit of the Cane, by Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller

Did you know all Cuban rum is made in Covfefe Stills? Donald Trump’s current crazy man-baby attempt to deflect attention

Jim Meehan Launches New Punch Book

Jim Meehan was in London this week with Banks Rum to launch a new book, Punch: A Voyage of

White Spirits by Michael Butt

It’s Christmas so booze books are coming out thick and fast, but in our eyes you can never have

Classic Cocktails by Salvatore Calabrese, Expanded Version

Salvatore Calabrese (aka The Maestro) isn’t one to muck about, nor do things in halves. I mean, he was

The Periodic Table of Cocktails

If you don’t know about Emma Stokes aka Gin Monkey then we take it you don’t like gin or

Classic Cocktails at Home with Dre Masso

It’s safe to say that Dre Masso is a bit of ledge with 20 years of experience working in

Cocktail Culture Book Review

Shawn Soole and Nate Caudle run Little Jumbo, Canada’s hottest bar right now, and have now released their first book,

Book Review – The Long Pour

This is not your typical ‘bartender’ book. In fact The Long Pour maybe responsible for the biggest surge in

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