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European Parliamentary Elections – How to Vote and Why You Should

Voter registration deadline: May 7th, 2019 Based on the fact that bartenders are often young, well-travelled, and not arseholes, for

A Personal Thank You to Bartenders Who Travel for Competitions

BarLifeUK promote and judge a lot of cocktail competitions. We spend more time on competitions than anything else these days,

Editor’s Blog: Is it time to stop looking back?

The bar industry is overly preoccupied with the past. Enough of this sort of thing. This is

Editor’s Blog: Looking for Vintage Glassware and Retro Junk for your Bar? Come to Wimbledon Dog Track

It’s cheaper than eBay, there’s a burger van and everything smells of old ladies 50p each,

Editor’s Blog: Why You Should Enter the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition

Having just returned from my third Bacardi Legacy global final, I feel compelled to write something more expansive than

Editor’s Blog: Thinking About Starting a Cocktail Blog? Read This First.

My first published article appeared in a snowboard magazine called Adrenalin. I read the magazine for months to get my

Editor’s Blog: A Confused Relationship with Booze

It started with a beer... The first of many... Bartenders around the world, especially those in Notting

A Special Evening for the UK Tales of the Cocktail Winners (and a couple of hangers-on)

The UK’s clean sweep of the Spirited Awards International Categories celebrated at Jubjub Bar. Having

Editor: Service, Svengalis and Powder Keg Diplomacy

When Sam Fish said she wanted to write something for us about service, I was pleased. [caption id="attachment_6110" align="alignright" width="350"

Editor’s Blog: London is Not the Center of the Universe

Nick Strangeway’s CLASS interview is Geographically Challenged In ‘It’s a Strange World: Part One’, Nick Strangeway has some stern words

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