Author: Yael Weisberg

ZEO Soft Drinks Available in the UK This Summer

Turning the RTD standard of masking alcohol with sugary mixers on its head, a new UK company produces a

Moscow Bar Show Returns in October 2013

Moscow Bar Show returns for its third year, 1st - 3rd October 2013 Nearly 8,000 visitors attended the Moscow Bar

Red Stripe Stubby

Red Stripe Stubbies Now Available in the UK

Red Stripe Stubbies have arrived! Experience authentic Jamaica here in the UK, without all the hassle of Caribbean sunshine

Little Red Door in Paris Seeking Bartender and Head Bartender

Little Red Door is currently searching for bright and talented bartenders to build a new bar team. More than just

El Dorado Swizzle Comp 2013: Second London Heat Results

The most hipster of UK Heats for the El Dorado Rum Swizzle Competition took place at Looking Glass in

Sparkling Wine Brand Frizzenti introduces Prosecco On Tap

Tap that. As if it wasn't dangerous enough already, prosecco will soon be available on tap

Five Things We Learned from Glen Grant’s Master Distiller

"Stills are unique, like people, and you need two stills to make a unique spirit, just as you need

Boobs + Booze = Charity Win

It's an age old question: "I love breasts, and I love premium spirits. How can I bring these two

RumFest 2013 Tickets On Sale

The seventh annual UK RumFest (and unofficial ironic Hawaiian shirt convention) returns to London 12th - 13th October. RumFest UK,

Mexican Sunshine, In a Tiny Ceramic Cup

At BarLifeUK HQ, we are reasonably certain that every time someone says no to a copita of mezcal, a

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