Author: Chris Dennis

Into The Wild With The Reyka Expedition

Before the sun had cast its warm glow across south east England, before some bartenders had even arrived home

Chris Dennis: Dysfunctional Dinners…Presents a Christmas Feast

It has become tradition that each year various bartenders and other industry bods get together for a pre-Christmas party.

You Can Drink What You Sow

Chris Dennis recently went on a wine pilgrimage to Hungary. Here he reports back on a little known but

Mandarine Napoleon Competition Results

16 bartenders attempt to avoid their Waterloo and make it into the top places for a trip to Belgium

The Pisco Kid

The bygone, golden age of exploration was a deeply romantic one. The

Chris Dennis: Just one Beeyatch

It all started with those famous last words: “put your money where your mouth is”. [caption id="attachment_5796" align="alignright" width="350" caption="Global

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