Sign Language Training Video Specifically For Hospitality

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We know many of you are still spending this lockdown time learning, but how about something a bit different?

Sign Source Learning based in Northern Ireland have a mission to teach the world (or at least the UK) to sign. It also seems they are fans of hospitality and have combined these two points together to do a little intro to signing especially for the hospitality industry.

The video was posted on their Facebook page alongside a thank you to the hospitality industry during ‘this difficult time’.

They introduced the video better than we can, so here they go:

‘Here are a few signs and phrases you might find useful in your businesses. To make it easier to communicate it’s good to know that you don’t need to know LOADS of signs. In fact, any noun with a ‘questioning’ facial expression can become a question. Have a look and see if you can see what I mean! And if you can please do make the effort to communicate – it really makes a difference.’

We can only imagine what a huge difference it makes to someone hearing impaired to go gointo a venue to find a staff member who knows even the smallest amount of sign language.

Even if you just take away one or two of the words/expressions in this video it could make someone’s day. If you are inspired by this little toe in the water there are more videos on the Sign Source Learning Facebook page and courses on their website (other sign language companies are available, but we like this one).

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