Interactive At-Home Rum Tasting From Bacardi & Santa Teresa

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Organise a rum tasting for your team during lockdown with letterbox-friends tutored-tasting kits from Bacardi and Santa Teresa

Bar managers – Bacardi and Santa Teresa have created an interactive rum tasting session that is tailor made for lockdown learning. The session combines an at-home sampling kit and a tutored tasting conducted online, providing a great opportunity to reconnect with your team during lockdown while learning about and tasting rums.

Each kit contains three numbered rum samples – Bacardi Cuatro, Bacardi Ocho, Santa Teresa 1796 – that are tasted during the session, and a full Bacardi Ocho Old Fashioned serve, which we can personally certify as being delicious. The pack also contains a rum flavour wheel which breaks down common rum tasting notes into increasingly granular categories, perfect for guiding flavour-matching and cocktail creation experiments.

Mid pouch-pour at Soho House

Kits are sent directly to each of your team members, and the interactive session is conducted on Zoom. The lead time required to set up a session is about two weeks, so if you would like to get your team together for a spot of virtual social time and skills-sharpening before lockdown (hopefully) ends on December 2nd and Christmas Madness (hopefully) begins, request your session and kits next week.

To set up an interactive rum tasting session for your team, contact your local Bacardi or Santa Teresa rep or ambassador by email or via Instagram.

Bacardi UK can be found on Instagram by clicking here.

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