Flair Camp Moves Online And Free-To-All for 2020

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Flair Camp Virtual Sessions: 21st – 24th September, 2020

For the best part of a decade, flair champs Tom Dyer, Tomek Male, Marek Posluszny, and Pedro Garcia have run skills-building holidays in Marbella, known as ‘Flair Camp’.

In less turbulent times, bartenders from all over the world would come together for a week-long programme of learning that, while primarily focused on flair bartending, also included cocktail creation and general bartending skills (and a boat party, because when in Marbella, you have to have a boat party).

This year, for reasons that probably don’t need to be explained, travelling to a Marbella isn’t an option, and even if it were, many bartenders are strapped for cash at the moment, so the Flair Camp team have decided to host the 2020 event online, and make it free to all.

The Flair Camp founders will be joined by Marian ‘Sikky’ Chmel, Vitaly Kolpin, Mihai Ostafi, Jean-Marc Pothier, Oliver Deak, and Jumbles St Pierre, and this team of instructors will present sessions for people of all levels and background, and each training session will have a practical “follow along” element, so students will be able to learn at home. The team told us: “We believe in learning by doing so we have designed classes that will challenge you to be a better bartender.”

For more information on the Flair Camp sessions, and to book your free spot, visit their website here.

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