Registration for Free £50 Bicycle Repair Vouchers Opens Tonight at 23:45

In Covid-19

Government ‘Active Travel’ initiative to combat obesity and COVID-19 will provide bike service and repair vouchers

Obesity has been identified as one of the risk factors that can mean the difference between a mild or asymptomatic case of COVID-19, and one that requires hospitalization. Boris ‘I was too fat‘ Johnson believes the Carrera mountain bike you bought from Halfords, which now sits rusting in your garden, is one of the solutions to this problem, and he wants you to get back in the saddle, and get fit. To that end, the government is launching a scheme that will provide £50 vouchers for bike repair and servicing, which goes live tonight.

At 23:45 on Tuesday 28th July, registrations will open for the ‘Fix Your Bike’ scheme, which can be found here.

The vouchers can be used at various high street retailers for a service, or the repair of specific faults such as broken chains, punctured inner tubes, and the like.

Despite a general loathing of the Johnson government, credit must go where it’s due – this is a good scheme, and it comes at a time when bar folk are skint, but also able to venture outside for the first time in months, so £50 to get a set of wheels back on the road is welcome.

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