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There are more ‘days’ these days than…… well days.

When Moonshine Day, Martini Day, Mai Tai Day and Mint Julep Day fall within one month of each other it can be tricky to remember what is when (we suggest you don’t concentrate on the why), and that is just the M’s, and only some of them.nuns

Add the fact that every city seems to have some sort of bar week, festival, conference or show it can all get a bit overwhelming.

We have sorted through the pages of bollocks on the google and come up with a list to help you out. There are some festivals and events that haven’t yet announced dates (we will do our best to keep updating) and some days we have ignored but if you see a glaring omission please leave a note in the comments and we will get them added (unless they’re shit).


  • 1st Bloody Mary Day
  • 3rd Drinking Straw Day
  • 9th Apricot Day
  • 11th National Hot Toddy Day
  • 14th – 20th San Antonio Cocktail Conference
  • 16th International Hot & Spicy Food Day
  • 17th National Hot Buttered Rum Day
  • 18th – 26th Paris Cocktail Week
  • 20th DJ Day
  • 23rd – 27th Scotch Whisky Weekend
  • 24th Beer Can Appreciation Day
  • 25th Burns Night & Irish Coffee Day
  • 26th Australia Day
  • 31st Brandy Alexander Day


  • 2nd Working Naked Day
  • 7th Pisco Sour Day
  • 14th Valentines Day
  • 16th – 18th Arizona Cocktail Weekend
  • 18th Drink Wine Day
  • 20th – 23rd Bourbon Classic, Louisville
  • 22nd Margarita Day
  • 23rd – 24th Whisky Show, Glasgow
  • 24th World Bartender Day
  • 27th Kahlua Day


  • 1st Employee Appreciation Day
  • 2nd – 5th San Diego Bartenders Weekend
  • 3rd Mulled Wine Day & Irish Whiskey Day
  • 5th Absinthe Day
  • 8th International Women’s Day
  • 10th – 13th Tales on Tour, Puerto Rico
  • 10th – 12th Venuez, Antwerp 
  • 12th – 18th London Beer Week
  • 14th Crisps Day
  • 16th No Selfies Day
  • 17th St Patrick’s Day
  • 22nd World Water Day
  • 24th National Cocktail Day
  • 27th International Whisk(e)y Day
  • 29th WhiskyFest, Chicago


  • 6th New Beers Eve
  • 7th Beer Day
  • 19th Amaretto Day & Good Friday
  • 21st Tea Day
  • 22nd Easter Monday
  • 24th – 28th Cognac Cocktail Weekend
  • 26th – 27th The Cognac Show, London


  • 2nd Truffle Day
  • 3rd – 4th Kentucky Derby
  • 5th Cinqo de Mayo
  • 6th National Beverage Day
  • 7th Cosmopolitan Day
  • 11th – 12th Tokyo International BarShow
  • 13th World Cocktail Day
  • 13th – 19th London Wine Week
  • 14th – 15th Lisbon Bar Show
  • 16th Chartreuse Day
  • 17th – 18th Rum Renaissance, Florida
  • 18th World Whisky Day
  • 25th Wine Day
  • 26th – 1st Camp Runamok, Kentucky
  • 30th Mint Julep Day


  • 1st Pineapple Day
  • 1st – 9th Brighton Cocktail Week
  • 2nd – 3rd Cocktails Spirits, Paris (TBC)
  • 4th Cognac Day
  • 5th Moonshine Day
  • 5th – 9th World Gin Day Week 
  • 8th Rosé Day
  • 10th Iced Tea Day
  • 11th – 12th Bar Convent Brooklyn
  • 14th Bourbon Day
  • 19th Martini Day
  • 24th – 30th Negroni Week
  • 30th Mai Tai Day


  • 1st International Joke Day
  • 1st – 2nd Imbibe Live, London
  • 2nd Anisette Day
  • 4th Barbecue Day
  • 6th Fried Chicken Day
  • 7th Dive Bar Day
  • 10th Pina Colada Day
  • 11th Mojito Day
  • 14th Grand Marnier Day
  • 16th – 21st Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans
  • 17th Tattoo Day
  • 19th Daiquiri Day
  • 21st Junk Food Day
  • 22nd Mango Day
  • 24th Tequila Day
  • 27th Scotch Whisky Day
  • 31st Black Tot Day


  • 2nd International Beer Day
  • 3rd Watermelon Day & Mead Day
  • 5th Oyster Day
  • 7th – 11th Espresso Martini Fest, London
  • 12th Vinyl Record Day
  • 12th – 14th Toronto Cocktail Conference
  • 13th Prosecco Day
  • 16th Rum Day
  • 18th Fajita Day
  • 19th Photography Day & Aviation Day
  • 18th – 24th Camp Runamok, Kentucky
  • 25th Whisk(e)y Sour Day
  • 25th San Diego Spirits Festival
  • 29th Lemon Juice Day


  • 3rd – 5th Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong
  • 7th Beer Lovers Day
  • 9th Boss/Employee Exchange Day
  • 15th Creme de Menthe Day
  • 14th – 18th Sydney Bar Week
  • 16th – 22nd Kentucky Bourbon Festival
  • 19th Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • 20th Punch Day
  • 25th One-Hit Wonder Day
  • 29th Coffee Day
  • 28th – 29th Whisky Show, London
  • 30th Mulled Cider Day


  • 1st – 31st Applejack Month
  • 4th – 13th London Cocktail Week
  • 4th Vodka Day
  • 7th – 9th Bar Convent Berlin
  • 12th Egg Day
  • 16th Liqueur Day
  • 19th Gin & Tonic Day
  • 20th Brandied Fruit Day
  • 21st Mezcal Day & Apple Day
  • 27th Diwali
  • 31st Halloween


  • 2nd Day of the Dead
  • 5th – 6th Athens Bar Show
  • 8th Shot Day & Harvey Wallbanger Day
  • 10th – 15th Portland Cocktail Week
  • 12th Happy Hour Day
  • 14th Pickle (Back?) Day
  • 18th Cider Day
  • 21st Jukebox Day
  • 23rd Espresso Day
  • 28th Thanksgiving Day


  • 5th Repeal Day
  • 7th Bartender Appreciation Day
  • 10th Lager Day
  • 14th Screwdriver Day & Lost & Found Day
  • 16th Chocolate Covered Anything Day
  • 20th Sangria Day
  • 24th Eggnog Day
  • 31st Champagne Day

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