Demerara Distillers To Release Some Fancy Rums

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Demerara Distillers, producers of El Dorado Rum, have announced the release of 3 single still bottlings at cask strength.

If you heard a funny noise over the last couple of weeks it was probably a rum geek having a small ‘special moment’ as word spread that Demerara Distillers were releasing something pretty special.El-D-special

3 bottlings have been produced using rums from three of their most famous stills – Enmore, Port Mourant and Versailles. Whilst details are currently a little hard to come by this is what we have garnered so far:

The 3 bottlings will be available in the UK in the summer. They will be pricey, whilst UK Distributors Love Drinks don’t have details of exact pricing or numbers of bottles the UK will receive, rumours online have the bottles selling for around £200 – £250 a pop. It is not clear if this will be an annual and ongoing release (similar to the world of American Whiskey) or a one off.

Here’s what we know about the bottles:

The Enmore still is their Wooden Continuous Coffey Still and the liquid in the bottles was distilled in 1993 and bottled at 56.5%

The Versailles still is the Single Wooden Pot Still which was distilled in 2002 and bottled at 63%.

Finally (our favourite still) The Port Mourant is a Double Wooden Pot Still and distilled in 1999, bottled at 61.4%

We will keep our ears to the ground for you and let you know as soon as we have more details on when you can get your sweaty little hands on these bottles, in return we simply ask for a taste from each bottle you buy. That’s fair enough right?

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