Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards 2011 Close in 1 Week

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One week left to nominate your picks for this years Spirited Awards

Tales of the Cocktail is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the bar industry calendar, and the one international event that everyone would attend if they could.

A key part of Tales, the Spirited Awards are judged by an international panel and recognize the best of the global bar community each year.

The UK has did very well in 2010, but in order to do the same this year bars, individuals, products and writers first need to be nominated.

Just one nomination is needed for a particular category, and you can download the nomination form here.

The awards categories are:

  • International Bartender of the Year

Criteria: The absolute best drinks mixer in the world. The winner must have received international recognition of their work with their own recipes crossing borders to appear on cocktail menus in numerous countries. (US citizens are not excluded.)

  • Best Cocktail Writing

Criteria: Great journalism is one of the best ways to communicate to the general public the value and significance of great cocktails and related products. This award is for any non-book journalism (Magazine, Newspaper, Website, etc) that promotes bars, bartender, or cocktails in general. Please email article to awards@TalesoftheCocktail.com.

  • World’s Best Cocktail Bar

Criteria: Only truly world-class bars will be considered for this illustrious title. Some bars attain worldwide recognition and this award recognizes the very best of the best.

  • World’s Best Cocktail Menu

Criteria: The judges seek to reward innovative and thirst inducing cocktail menus. Both the design and content will be considered. Please send a copy of your menu to awards@TalesoftheCocktail.com

  • World’s Best Drinks Selection

Criteria: A venue stocking an outstanding range of spirits and liqueurs. The judges will favor discernment as well as sheer number of bottles stocked.

  • World’s Best Hotel Bar

Criteria: The classic ‘American Bar’ played an important role in the history and development of cocktail culture. The judges are looking for hotel bars that uphold this tradition (but are not necessarily old) and offer five-star service and consistently well made drinks.

  • World’s Best New Cocktail Bar

Criteria: Only bars which opened after March 1,2010 may be nominated. This award aims to reward new creativity and ideas as well as well executed drinks

  • American Bartender of the Year

Criteria: From Jerry Thomas onwards, American bartenders have been amongst the most influential on drinks styles and cocktail culture in general. This award seeks to recognize the most influential American bartender today.   The winner should be proficient at making all recognized classic drinks and also have created contemporary cocktails that have been copied by his/her peers.  Nominees must actively be working behind the bar.

  • Best American Brand Ambassador

Criteria: An award which recognizes the importance of personality in the promotion of drinks brands and their creative use of brand communication to engage the trade and their ability to execute compelling education and seminars. This person must be working as an Ambassador full time in the USA.  Nominees must NOT be working behind the bar.

  • Best American Cocktail Bar

Criteria: This award recognizes the influence on cocktail trends within the United States and seeks to award the country’s best cocktail bar. Menu, bar teams, cocktail quality are all considered.

  • Best Bar Mentor

Criteria: Not everybody who is having an impact on the quality of the cocktails we drink are working behind the bar as bartenders. There are many people who are creating fine bar programs, training the next generation of great bartenders, and playing an active role in designing the bars we all love to drink in. This award is to recognize those individuals who, in their professional life, play a crucial role in raising the quality of bars, bartenders, and cocktails without currently working as a bartender.  Nominees must NOT be working behind the bar.

  • Best High Volume Cocktail Bar

Criteria:  Awarded to the bar that consistently delivers top quality cocktails at bars with 100 seats or more. This award celebrates those bars that deliver cocktail culture to the masses efficiently. Cocktails, lists, bartending and service are all considered.

  • Best International Brand Ambassador

Criteria: An award which recognizes the importance of personality in the promotion of drinks brands and their creative use of brand communication to engage the trade and their ability to execute compelling education and seminars. This person should work in an International capacity or in a country other than the USA.  Nominees must NOT be working behind the bar.

  • Best New Cocktail/Bartending Book

Criteria: The best book published in 2010 regarding cocktails, liquor, bars, bar design or bartending in general. New editions of existing works may also be nominated.

  • Best New Product

Criteria: This is awarded to what the judges consider to be the best new cocktail ingredient (spirit, liqueur, syrup or juice) or piece of cocktail equipment (muddler, shaker etc.). To qualify products must be on general retail sale in at least three US states.

  • Best Restaurant Bar

Criteria: This award is for the restaurant bar that is dedicated to creating a great cocktail experience for their dining guests. Considerations will go to the approach they have to Aperitif and Digestive drinks, how well they work with the kitchen to pair cocktails with food as well as general bartending and mixing excellence.

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