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Tom Sneesby has been behind the stick for coming on 8 years now. Based in Manchester his career has seen him open the georgeous group inspired Cloud 23 as Head Bartender, manage the opening of Rio Ferdinands opulent Rosso Restaurant (think Mathuselahs of DP '95!) and most recently was behind the Machester Phenomenon, The Blackdog Ballroom. He is most well known for running Socio Rehab for 2 years,the bastion of Mancunian Cocktail culture, owned by the inimitable Beau Myers. Tom now owns The Liquorists, a concept created with former Scottish National bartender of the year Jody Monteith. The Liquorists provide Unique training sessions, offering bespoke, imaginative training solutions for Bar operators or brands. Sauce sessions with a difference....

The Liquorists' Whisky Trail

The Liquorists’ Whisky Trail

Up the stairs to Epernay we sauntered and nestled comfortably into some wingbacks. Our final venue for our final dram, and what a drop, the epic Drambuie 15

Win Tickets to The Gincident on the Barge 2

Win Tickets to The Gincident on the Barge 2

One thing stands out amongst man’s achievements, even more amazing than Frank Lampard – It is the Gincident.

It's a Reetmatch, Beeyatch

It’s a Reetmatch, Beeyatch

The plan in my head went out the window, and it was a shit plan to start with, so no hope surely. But wait….no, no I was rubbish.

The North West Bartender's Ball

The North West Bartender’s Ball

The Liquorists hosted The North West Bartenders Ball at Corridor Bar in Manchester, where the great and the good celebrated achievements and mourned the loss of a good friend.

The Liquorists and the Gincident on the barge

The Liquorists and the Gincident on the barge

In ye olden days, gin was drunk on board ship by the officers, whilst the rankers glugged rum. With this in mind, the most recent Liquorists session was the order of the day.

The Liquorists: Vermouth and Aromatised wines

The Liquorists: Vermouth and Aromatised wines

Following on from the hugely enjoyable Bourbon and American Whisky session held at the Blackdog Ballroom, The Liquorists moved on to Vermouth and Aromatised wines.

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