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Last Word Reading Winner and Manchester Finalists Announced

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When the Chartreuse Last Word competition hit Reading we knew it was going to be a hard fought contest and we weren’t disappointed.

Monkeys and Absinthe in Reading

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Joe Petch was on hand dressed in ceremonial Monkey Shoulder bath robe to talk us through the history of this blended whisky made from 3 single malt whiskies and let us in on what it has to offer.

Daniel Bovey: The Taste Pilots

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Making it my mission to develop that ‘bar community’, I got bang on it and approached every bar, posters in hand, for any training sessions, competitions or tastings that were coming Reading’s way.

Sahara Bar – Cocktail Comp Assassins

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Bartenders from Reading’s Sahara bar have been winning comps for the fun of it recently. BarLifeUK tries to find out how they are doing it.

Joe Petch: Cocktails in Reading? (Where’s that I hear you say?!)

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Over time I became more & more interested in the bartenders & the drinks they were serving, although at this point I must add it was a very basic uneducated interest in spirits & what mixers to use with them.