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Gabriel Boudier Wizard Competition London Heat Results

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Maria Vieira of East London Liquor Co. secures place in Gabriel Boudier Wizard Competition final.

Boutique Bar Show Celebrates 10th Anniversary in London September 26th, 2017

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Boutique Bar Show London: September 26th, 11:00 – 17:30, Victoria House, London

Boutique Bar Show 2016 Comes to London This Month

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September 20th, 11am – 6pm, 106 Commercial Street, Spitalfields.

Bitter Truth Competition Heat Results

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Six bartenders from around the UK book their places in the final.

Sauvelle Vodka Competition London Heat Results

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Heats throughout the UK have thrown up some great drinks, and finalists. This time, it was London’s turn to shine.

Spirit of Tiki Beach Pop-Up Comes To London

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Tiki is of course not dead in the UK, in fact it is getting its own pop-up in London over the 14th & 15th of August in Greenwich, London.

The London Vortex

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Where would London be without Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Brighton and Glasgow?

London Cocktail Week Team Launch Drinkup.London Website

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Aside from aggregating bar reviews, Drinkup.London is geared towards helping venues promote events and offers to customers.

Own A London Produced Whisky Cask

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It sounds like a pretty good gift to us…

Rematch Beeyatch 2015 – Brace Yourselves, Hudson is Coming

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Lord Stuart of House Hudson looked to the sky, hoping for a sign that this would be his day, but the watery sunlight offered no omen, good or ill. He would have to take his chances like everyone else, and hope for the best.