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Former Chartreuse Ambassador Launches Jindea Single Estate Tea Gin

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The name ‘Jindea’ is a portmanteau of ‘Juniper’ and the French words for India and tea.

Timothy Barnes: World Class 2011

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The first morning was a little shaky for some and embarrassing for others. For starters, I wasn’t dressed like the rest of the captains, but I maintain that I was told, that for the challenges it was traditional Indian garmenting.

Tim Philips is at the World Class Finals in Delhi

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Aussie World Class finalist and BarLifeUK contributor Tim Philips sends in some sweaty dispatches from Delhi

Timothy Barnes: Startending at The Taj Palace’s Blue Bar

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The first major startending shift was at The Taj Palace’s Blue Bar with last year’s Australian World Class rep, Adam Brewer, Tim E-J and myself. I was anticipating the evening for a good few days previous, and it didn’t fail to deliver.

Timothy Barnes Has Moved to India

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The 2 cities have given us a hugely warm welcome and shown us a brand of hospitality almost impossible to find in the western world, especially when flying Qantas. Wankers.