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Five Things We Learned from Glen Grant’s Master Distiller

5 years ago / 0 comments

Dennis Malcolm recently celebrated his 50th year with Glen Grant. BarLifeUK sat down with him for a cup of tea and a chat about the mind-boggling span of his career, and, of course, about the whisky.

Fantastic Job Opportunities with Cellar Trends

8 years ago / 0 comments

Cellar Trends are offering three people an excellent opportunity to join their Italian Spirits Specialist team working across their Italian brands Campari, Aperol, Cinzano, Frangelico and Illyquore.

Campari vs Aperol – A Debate

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You ain’t got a drink unless you got him in it brother. The Don King of the drink world, the lover, brother and mother of every self respecting, non denigrating, bartender of ANY repute

Kammerling’s Ginseng Spirit Running Late but Worth the Wait

8 years ago / 1 comments

Production of Alex Kammerling’s new lovely liquid has been delayed by over-zealous Chinese customs officers, however the JubJub tasting goes ahead and the spirit is well received…