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A Personal Thank You to Bartenders Who Travel for Competitions

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Every appearance represents a day off used, a bastard early start, a train ticket, and in some cases, a hotel room…

The Scotland 100’s Second Meeting – What Are They Up To, and Why?

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The 7th of July saw the 2nd meeting of the 100 – a group of 100 hospitality folks from around Scotland.

Bartenders Review Spirits: Session One 

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A new BarLifeUK feature – each month a panel of pros will experiment with new products and give their verdict on taste and practical uses.

Breakfast Club Seeking Bartenders

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The Breakfast Club’s dirty little secrets The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town (London Bar of the Year 2013 London Lifestyle Awards), and The King of Ladies Man are welcoming Call Me Mr Lucky into the fold this August.

Shit that Customers Say to Bartenders

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The boys and girls of Melbourne’s Global Bartender Exchange continue the ubiquitous ‘Shit so and so says’ meme, this time pointing the biting lens of satire at the punter.

Three Days in Paris and the Loire Valley with the Chambord Rendezvous Winners

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The comp winners go Paris and the Loire Valley for three days of cocktails, food and wine.

The first Annual C.U.B.As – Chester’s Ultimate Bar Awards

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We realised that we have so many talented bar tenders and fantastic bars in Chester, we should tell them how fantastic they are by awarding them.

Terry Cashman: The Italians are Coming

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The Central Linguistic Institute for Teaching Observation and Reconnaissance for Italian Spies (C.L.I.T.O.R.I.S)

The BarLife Show Ignites The North (Literally)

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Just over a year ago, the organisers of Northern Restaurant and Bar came to us and said they wanted to improve the ‘bar’ bit of their show, and to attract more of the North’s bartenders

Vote for Pedro

7 years ago / 1 comments

Do we really need another award that recognises individuals already recognised as being at the top of their game?