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Now Hiring at The Portobello Star

Now Hiring at The Portobello Star: We are currently recruiting new staff members for the following positions. Experienced cocktail bartenders both

BarLifeUK Launch BAD CHAT – A Bar Industry Discussion Forum

The planning meeting for this went something along these lines: “God, so-and-so was coming out with a load of bad

Kiwi Bartender Dan Miles Publishes Bartending Novel

Dan Miles turns the sights seen during a 15 year career in bartending into a story of “violence, stupidity

Editor’s Blog: A Confused Relationship with Booze

It started with a beer... The first of many... Bartenders around the world, especially those in Notting

Little Red Door in Paris Seeking Bartender and Head Bartender

Little Red Door is currently searching for bright and talented bartenders to build a new bar team. More than just

Terry Cashman: A Treatise on Profanity

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve found swearing endlessly fascinating and amusing. "Kindly pop the

All Star Lanes Hold Manchester Recruitment Open Days

Bowling, as with most things in life, is better with cocktails. Click this image to see

OnLocation: One Night in Brighton

Whenever BarLifeUK visit Brighton, we have the same conversation on the train back to London: Why don’t we move

The 42Below Cocktail World Cup is Back

Entry deadline for this legendary vodka competition: June 7th [caption id="attachment_5787" align="alignright" width="350" caption="Enter, and you may well find yourself

Bristol’s Richard Tring Crowned Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge UK Champion

The Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge has been an epic competition. [caption id="attachment_5775" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Surely that can't be Stu Hudson

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