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International Bar Takeovers at London Cocktail Week 2018

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Startenders from around the globe in residence at London bars during #LCW2018

The London Vortex

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Where would London be without Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Brighton and Glasgow?

The Scotland 100’s Second Meeting – What Are They Up To, and Why?

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The 7th of July saw the 2nd meeting of the 100 – a group of 100 hospitality folks from around Scotland.

Counter Terrorism Advice For Bars

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At least one person in your bar needs to read this document from cover to cover, and make sure your staff, customers and property are as safe as possible.

The Social Importance of Your Bar

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Not just a place to drink cocktails, your bar performs a host of vital social functions. Read about some of them here…

OnLocation in Edinburgh with Bulldog Bold

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OnLocation, our guide to the UK for travelling bartenders, turns its attention to Edinburgh.

OnLocation: One Night in Brighton

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BarLifeUK and Jose Cuervo Tradicional tour Brighton in order to bring you some of the town’s best bars. We also ate fish & chips and played in the arcades.

Yael Weisberg: London Vs New York

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The parallel bloom of talent and ideas in New York and London may have spurred the growth of a global cocktail renaissance, but there are two distinct cultures at play.

OnLocation: One Night in Bristol

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Our new OnLocation feature profiles bars in each of the UK’s different cities. First up, we hit the road with Jose Cuervo Tradicional in Bristol.

B@1 Ops Director Andrew Stones talks to BarLifeUK

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“Cocktails for the masses is probably a little bit strong, but we are not a typical mixologist bar.”