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Win a Toddla T Production Masterclass with BACARDÍ Beginnings

BACARDÍ Beginnings have launched ‘Beats Per Minute’ and are offering buddy DJ’s and producers the opportunity to remix the new

Bacardi Classics Softball Hits it Out of The Park

What’s green, gold and injured all over? Jake Burger at the end of the Bacardi Classics Softball Tournament. [caption id="attachment_8523" align="alignright"

Bacardi Classics Softball Tournament Back for 2013

Don't Wear Shorts! And the smallest shorts award goes to Simon Toohey There were a few weeks

Bacardi Legacy UK Final Results

Last night 100’s of bartenders descend on London to see who was going to be representing the UK at

Submit Your Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Now

Deadline for Entries: Monday 22nd October, 2012. The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition is back, and accepting entries now. [caption id="attachment_6221" align="alignright"

Bar Convent Berlin – Day One

Day One of BCB saw talks from Philip Duff, Raj Nagra, Tomas Estes, David Cordoba and Enrique Comas. Those were

Bacardi Softball: LCC Beat Old Timers in Barca Final

Unlike several of my ex-girlfriends, I feel it is important to give credit where credit is due... [caption id="attachment_6317" align="alignright"

Bacardi Family Celebrates 150th Birthday with Rare Blend Decanter

Eight master blenders collaborate on rare blend release [caption id="attachment_6116" align="alignright" width="350" caption="The decanter is presented to the Savoy's American

Bacardi Say: “Hey badda badda, swing badda badda”

The Bacardi Classics softball tournament brings 1950s Havana to Finsbury Park this Sunday. [caption id="attachment_6067" align="alignright" width="350" caption="Bacardi + Baseball

Bacardi UK Tiki Team Win Miami Tiki-Off Once Again

The came, they drank they conquered - The Bacardi UK Tiki Team are victorious at the annual Rum Renaissance Rum

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