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New Japanese Shake You Need to Learn

When it comes to shaking innovation, the Japanese lead the World. Watch and learn... Sorry about the ad spam, but we

Drunk Beach Dressing Fail

As you know, BarLifeUK are fierce advocates of responsible drinking. So you'll never find us on the beach, in speedos,

Tommy Cooper Loves Martini

Bottle glass, glass bottle...

Beer Goggles

You've seen this on the other side of your bar many times... And, if we're honest, we've all done it

Japanese Bartending Monkey

We feel slightly uneasy about this clip... But that's never stopped us before. And so, behold the majesty of the

Alcoholic, Antisocial Monkeys

In what can only be described as a fabulous use of the license fee, the BBC expose the terror

The World Class Global Finals in Delhi – Video

Japan's Manabu Ohtake won the World Class Global Final last night. We will bring you more on this shortly. In the

Carpentry + Shots = Irresponsible Drinking

BarLifeUK in no way endorses the irresponsible drinking of shots... Because it leads to spillages

A Brand Manager Walks into a Bar

The second of Philip Duff's comedy videos...  

An Off-duty Bartender Walks into a Bar

Philip Duff has made some rather amusing animations, here's the first:

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