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42Below Cocktail World Cup 2012 UK Team Videos

The UK final is just around the corner, and soon three plucky Brits (or surrogate Brits) will be heading

The Blues Brothers Sing ‘Hey Bartender’

We haven't had a musical interlude on BarLifeUK for some time, so we bring you one of the most

Japanese Tron Dance

This has absolutely nothing to do with drinks or the bar industry... But it is so damned cool, we had

Spill Proof Beer

It may be advertising spam for a crappy beer... But it's funny advertising spam for a crappy beer, and quite

If Only All Adverts Were Made Like This

Absolutely nothing to do with the booze industry, other than we wish spirits companies would hire these guys' creative

Shit that Customers Say to Bartenders

The boys and girls of Melbourne's Global Bartender Exchange continue the ubiquitous 'Shit so and so says' meme... ...this time

Shit Bartenders Say

Ha ha, oh the irony and cutting satire. As they say about all the best comedy, it's funny because it's

The Falling Water Cocktail Making Machine

Apparently this machine is the reason Jacob Briars left 42Below... They just didn't need him any more.  

The Last Word Competition – Stuart Binks

The latest heat of the Chartreuse Last Word Twist Competition was won by Stuart Binks at Ziloufs, Islington... With his

Flair Preaching

Who says Teutonic types don't have a sense of humour? BarLifeUK, proudly dispelling lazy racial stereotypes since Nineteen Ninety Two

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