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Santiago Michelis – Interview with Bacardi Legacy 3MP

Next week the UK Bacardi Legacy winner will be announced. We have sat down with each of the 3

Why should you enter Bacardi Legacy?

With the deadline to enter Bacardi Legacy coming up on Sunday we thought we’d find out if it is

A Special Moment at the Bacardi Legacy Global Final

The 34 competitors have just finished their presentations at the Bacardi Legacy Global Final in Sydney and we wanted

Read Classic Bartending Books For Free

Ever wanted to look through some of the most important bartending books in history but don’t want to sell

Interview with Gareth Evans

With the UK Final of World Class taking place shortly we thought we’d have a chat with last years

The Social Importance of Your Bar

Mass Observation Unit Book Bars tend to appear in the media in one of two ways: Boozy

Editor’s Blog: How to Judge a Cocktail Competition

Once you have won a few comps, or started working with a brand, the chances are someone will ask

What Makes a Great Swizzle?

The El Dorado Swizzle Competition is back this year with the chance to win a trip to Guyana. Last

How to Lose a Cocktail Competition

Filmed for Ian Burrell's Rum Experience TV, and for your viewing pleasure, we bring you three 'how to lose

Is the 42Below Cocktail World Cup Final All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

“The helicopter skimmed the mountain’s ridgeline before lurching onto one side and dropping nose first into space, letting gravity

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