Author: Joe Petch

Joe Petch: The Mount Gay Rum Academy Trip

Intrepid BarLifeUK blogger Joe Petch recently came back from Barbados and has shared his adventure with us. It all began

Joe Petch: The (Dis)Functional Industry Christmas Dinner

Without stating the obvious, this was never going to be an ordinary Christmas dinner. [caption id="attachment_4691" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Click the

Joe Petch: The Monkey Shoulder Tour 2011

Monkeys, Monkeys everywhere. The Monkey Shoulder tour 2011 was devised by Dean & the team to show the a bit

Joe Petch: Cocktails in Reading? (Where’s that I hear you say?!)

I’ve come to realise when engaged in conversation about quality cocktail bars that the same cities always seemed to

Molecular Competition Preperation

Joe recently entered the and El Dorado Molecular comp and after blitzing through the heats he appeared at

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