Jane Ryan

Protecting Our Mental Health

1 month ago / 0 comments

Are bartenders dealing with more mental health issues than other groups within society?

It’s time to change our tipping culture

2 months ago / 0 comments

Our tipping culture is one terribly muddled mess, on both sides of the bar.

Should Female-Only Bartender Competitions Exist?

6 months ago / 0 comments

Just the phrase female-only, or male-only, is enough to get my hackles up…

London Cocktail 2016 Week Trade Events

7 months ago / 0 comments

Trade Talks and Parties Not To Miss This LCW

Sean Cavanagh Wins Bitter Truth Competition Final

7 months ago / 0 comments

Badger & Co Bartender wins The Bitter Truth Cocktail Competition

Sauvelle Vodka Yacht Serve Ibiza Final Report

7 months ago / 0 comments

On a balmy Saturday in Ibiza, five bartenders clambered aboard a sailing yacht rocking gently on the azure Mediterranean.

The London Vortex

9 months ago / 0 comments

Where would London be without Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Brighton and Glasgow?

How to Get on the Trip of a Lifetime

10 months ago / 0 comments

Experiencing the birthplace of spirits is one of the many delights our industry can offer. And you don’t have to win a competition or be invited on an all-expenses paid trip to do it either.