Author: Daniel Selwood

Hellbent For Leather

It’s classic rock night – and spandex is optional Make a fist and raise it to eye level. Your thumb

Weller Weller Weller Ooof

Daniel Selwood puts the boot into the Modfather TV food geek Heston Blumenthal has a trick by which he turns

Album Review: Plan B – The Defamation of Strickland Banks

We’re not yet half way through the year, but it’s probably safe to say this is the best blue-eyed

Gettin’ Jiggy With It

The sauciest sounds for the sexiest night Sex, eh? Phwoar! Johnny Rotten described it as “two minutes and 52 seconds

Album Review: Big Star – #1 Record

Big Star were effing ace, and in the 1970s they released three effing ace albums. Of them, #1 Record

The Politics of Dancing

Celebrate the one good thing about the 80s Margaret Thatcher, the Falklands war, Dynasty, bleached fringes, the IRA, yuppies, the

Anti Twat Music

If you want to make good pop selections with ease, you’ll need to first make a sacrifice. Give up

Yeasayer – Odd Blood

Yeasayer are often called ‘experimental’ – which is going a bit far. It’s not as if their latest album

Ellie Goulding – Lights

Last year's magnificent Jakob Remix of Starry Eyed and the deserved success of the single’s unfettered version raised expectations

The Whiff of Cheese

What’s there to be guilty about? Serving short measures? Eating two tubes of Pringles in one sitting? Stealing underwear

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