Author: Daniel Selwood

Music Playlist Feature – Funk Juice

Attention estate agents, interior designers and PR wonks: "funky" does not describe a microscopic studio flat in Fulham fit only

Music Playlist Feature – Sunday and All That jazz

Absolute zero exists only in the enormous, pulsating brains of boffins. It’s a theoretical temperature of -273.15 on the Celsius

Album Review: Klaxons – Surfing the Void

Flashback to Christmas 2007: a well-known magazine’s music writer, who we’ll call Clueless Chris, has produced a list of

Music Playlist Feature – One Last Hurrah?!

Daniel Selwood (aged 38) suggest a soundtrack for 40th birthday party “Oh, no! Four-o!” “18 with 22 years’ experience.” “Life

Album Review: Skream – Outside the Box

To his mum, he’s pasty young Oliver Jones. To hipsters, he’s Skream, the dubstep musician/producer who doesn’t always play

Playlist Feature – Greatest Bits: Teenage Fanclub

Daniel Selwood presents the first in an occasional ‘best of’ series Kurt Cobain loved ‘em.

Album review: Scissor Sisters – Night Work

The worst thing Scissor Sisters ever did for themselves was release their mega-selling debut six years ago. That eponymous

B.o.B – B.oB Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray

Presenting hip-hop’s latest smart-arse: Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, AKA B.o.B, is a rapper-singer-songwriter. He’s also a producer. And a

Feel Good Hits for the Summer

Daniel Selwood sweats over the best soundtrack for having fun in the sun Enjoying hot weather in a quality boozer

Weekend Warriors: Louis W

Weekend DJs: Louis W. Interview by Daniel Selwood. In the first of an occasional series, BarLifeUK meets one of the

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