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42BELOW CWC Winners Announced

Now in its sixth year the 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup is firmly established as being one of the biggest

Worldwide Bartender Database

The other day we received an e-mail from our old friend Gaz (the artist formally known as Gary) Regan.

Don’t be a Tiki Mug check out Trader Tiki’s Syrups

America’s Trader Tiki has launched a range of Exotic Syrups for ‘Topical Mixology’ and with a little bit of

Karlsson’s Coming to Get You

Vodka’s vodka, innit? Well no, obviously not. But even so, sometimes you do wonder

BarLifeUK at Northern Restaurant and Bar

BarLifeUK loves a trip North of the Watford Gap, so we are very happy to be spending a couple

It’s Whisky from Wales

Whisky from Wales? No, we haven’t gone gwallgof (one for our Welsh speakers there) there is a distillery in

Papa Jules Tiki Shirts

Fed up with the bank trying to take the shirt off your back in 2009? Then celebrate the start

Reinventing the Pint Glass

The latest attempts to help curb the dramatic rise in glass attacks in the UK hospitality industry were launched

Going it Alone

This week I’ve been starting to realise just how cool it is to be working on a project of

Hello, welcome.

Hello, welcome. Come in, no need to take your shoes off. You can smoke in here too, and play loud

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