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Price: Free – 32 places per session – to book a place for you or your team please contact:
Address: The World Class Studios | Diageo HQ | 6th Floor | 12 Golden Square | Soho | London | W1F 9JE
Timings: The World Class Studio will host a morning session (10am-1pm) & afternoon session (2pm – 5pm) from Monday 2nd Oct – Friday 6th Oct 2017. Followed by Drinks with Jamie Jones, World Class GB Global Finalist 2017 (5pm to 7pm).

The World Class Studios are designed to enhance bartender’s skills & knowledge. It forms the introduction to this year’s World Class ‘Bartender of the Year’ competition which will be launching during London Cocktail Week 2017.

BarLifeUK - LCW 2017: The World Class StudiosThe World Class Studios platform was created to provide leading bartenders with advanced training sessions based on knowledge and skills from lateral professions.  By taking this influence from external sources the World Class Studios platform is able to provide new information and techniques to help further the bartending industry.  From areas such as culinary science and environmental business consultancy, the World Class Studios filters out relevant content for bartenders and provides it in a relevant, bar focused format.

The workshops draw influence from parallel industries and offer a fresh approach to some familiar topics:

Heat of the Moment
Heat of the Moment looks at some of the science that the culinary world has been using to better understand their profession and the flavours they create.  The culinary world has an upper hand over the bar world.  With a greater spend per head and popularity of fine dining, this has provided chefs with the time and money to do extensive research and development into how flavour is created.  This understanding of flavour is easily and very effectively transferred into the world of bartending.

The Resourceful Bartender
The Resourceful Bartender delves into the resourcefulness of bars. When we talk about sustainability we only look at the tip of a big iceberg. Beneath the surface and beyond the ‘waste’ that we create there are hundreds of ways that we can be smarter in the way that we as a bartender consume. We consume and we waste, both of these, if done more efficiently, will create a better bar, a better business and a better working environment for the bartender. It’s also a nice thing to know that we are doing our part to create a more sustainable future. Bartenders influence consumers, and what a great thing to influence our customers in a positive way.

The World Class Studio will host a morning session (10am-1pm) & afternoon session (2pm – 5pm) from Monday 2nd Oct – Friday 6th Oct 2017.  Followed by Drinks with Jamie Jones, World Class GB Global Finalist 2017    (5pm to 7pm).

Limited spaces available (only 32 per session)

To book a session for you or your team please contact :

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