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Ever wanted to look through some of the most important bartending books in history but don’t want to sell a liver to buy them on eBay? The EUVS Digital Collection has you covered.

Over the years Jared Brown & Anistatia Miller have gathered a huge collection of old, rare and downright bizarre cocktail and bartending books from around the world. With their endless thirst for knowledge they collected books like Steven Gerrard collects red cards.The-Artistry-of-Mixing-Drinks-222x300

They have used these books to research our industries rich history and share it with everyone through their fascinating books and articles. However that isn’t enough for the Indiana Jones and Lara Croft of the bar industry (minus the whip and boobtube). They want to share these, in some case priceless, gems of their collection with you.

For free!

Through their company and website EUVS (Exposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux) Digital Collection they are putting up digital versions of some of their 1,000 plus books. These rare volumes date from 1710’s through the 1940’s and are full of information that bartenders may not otherwise have access to.

There are currently dozens of books on the site including:

The Bar-Tender’s Guide or How to Mix Drinks by Jerry Thomas (1862)
Hoffman House Bartender’s Guide by Charles Mahoney (1912)
The Artistry of Mixing Drinks by Frank Meier (1936)
When It’s Cocktail Time in Cuba by Basil Woon (1928)
Cooling Cups & Dainty Drinks by William Terrington (1869)
Louis’ Mixed Drinks by Muckensturm (1906)
Jayne’s Bartender’s Guide (1934)

As well as giving you the opportunity to read all these great resources they are asking you to help choose which books are next to get digitised.Jaynes-245x300

This is an absolutely amazing resource and an truly generous move by Jared and Anistatia so make the most of it and make sure you thank them next time you see them

Check out the EUVS Digital Collection here and check out their own books via their Mixellany website here

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