Joe Petch’s Reyka Chainsaw Shaker

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Joe Petch, Reyka Vodka Global Brand Ambassador, appears to be challenging Dean Callan for the world’s most unique brand tool with his homemade Reyka Chainsaw Shaker.

Last year we brought you news from down under that Jason Crawley had launched his Imperial Shaker which was a very shiny piece of design excellence that has seen machines being delivered across the globe.Chainsaw-Shaker

Joe’s machine is equally impressive in it’s final results although it is what my old Woodwork teacher would call ‘rustic’. We must admit the mad professor in us likes that.

Built from a second hand 3HP Petrol Husqvarna chainsaw (the Husqvarna obviously being the logical choice…..) combined with some scaffolding and other bits of flotsam and jetsam, that he presumably found on one of his foraging expeditions, it is precision engineering at its finest.

If you’ve ever been working in a bar when a group of office workers walk in and all want a Ramos Gin Fizz (or in this case a Reyka Ramos Fizz) you will be jealous to hear that it can knock out 10 of them in 25 seconds. Although it may make the Spotify playlist a bit tricky to hear.

After seeing the video below we can’t wait to head round to Joe’s and try it out ourselves.

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