Red Stripe Stubbies Now Available in the UK

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Red Stripe Stubbies have arrived! Experience authentic Jamaica here in the UK, without all the hassle of Caribbean sunshine and crystal clear waters.

Red Stripe’s signature ‘Stubby’ bottle, originating in Jamaica and available in many other countries around the world, is now available in the UK, just in time for Notting Hill Carnival.

Red Stripe Stubby

The Stubby

According to Red Stripe, this shape allows us  to “appreciate its heritage in a new, effortless way.” Perhaps having your hand closer to your face makes it easier to pour delicious beer into your gaping maw. Or perhaps you are just less likely to miss your mouth entirely.

The squat bottles don’t have pesky long necks, standard in the UK, making it ideal for tucking into back pockets, handbags, and bras.

Fear not, Red Stripe lovers, the juice is exactly the same. But the Stubby contains a trim 300ml, so your post Carnival hangover will be about 9% smaller than average, bringing it down to a manageable “oh lord, why? WHY?” level.

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