The Great Brugal Rumble Cocktail Competition

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Boutique Bar Show London is beginning to heat up on the competition front with Brugal bringing back their popular inter-city punch comp.

Over the coming couple of weeks Brugal and BarLifeUK will be picking a captain from 5 of the South’s leading cocktail cities – Bristol, Brighton, Reading/Oxford and two London teams. They will in turn pick their own team of 5 to compete on the competition stage at the London Boutique Bar Show.

Each team will be asked to produce a punch inspired by their city that’s rich in heritage, oozing style, that’s innovative and tastes great.

The prize is twofold. First up you get bragging rights as the South’s best and second up your team gets £500 cold hard cash to celebrate with.

We’ll be bringing you the team news over the next couple of weeks and also keep an eye open for details of the Brugal Rumble competition at the Glasgow and Manchester Boutique Bar Show’s.

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