The Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge is Coming

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Boom! Appleton Estate Rum is back on the competition circuit, and this time they want to test your complete arsenal of bartending skills… In Jamaica.

However, the Bartender Challenge is more than a cocktail competition. As well as showcasing your ability to create and make drinks, all the other aspects of bartending will be tested, and the competition will as closely replicate ‘real-world’ bar scenarios as possible.

The Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge will be holding 6 UK selection heats (London x 2, The North, Bristol, Brighton and Edinburgh) during February and March next year.

The winner of each heat will go through to the UK final, held at a historic London rum location, and fight it out over two days for the honour of representing the UK at the Global Final in Jamaica (2nd& 3rd place will also win a bartender’s trip to Jamaica and the Appleton Estate distillery).

As well as offering the great prize of representing the UK for a week in Jamaica, winning the Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge will look great on the CV of any bartender wanting to open their own venue. The UK top 3 finalists will also be given the opportunity to become Regional Appleton Estate Bartender Heroes.

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Enter the Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge here.


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